SiriusXM Radio App Reviews

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Great fun

I enjoy exploring all the stations.


I truly love this app because I LOVE❤️ MUSIC. I have at home and in our car. Not just music but interesting talk ,news and information.

Pretty good

Never saves my favorited shows. So I have to search my shows every time. Fix that issue and 5 stars

Great App

Easy navigation. Loads channels quickly. Highly recommend it. Great to have access to SiriusXM on my phone!

Upgraded app and poof

Your update made this app unusable

Cant even sign in

Keeps crashing and closing of of the app.

Sirus xm.

Ive been enjoying it. No problems at all yet. Have had it for a couple months.

Great in concept

10/21/16. WHAT HAPPENED?? So, sometime between now and my last review below, you FIXED the app, and it worked GREAT!! Seriously, no complaints. I kept meaning to update my review, and didnt, my apologies. However, in the last week or two, something has changed and it frustrates me to no end! I use this app more than any app on my phone, so yes, this is a big deal to me. Its doing this deal where, at least 50% of the time that I open it, when I go to my "favorites", its empty and telling me to add new favorites. Then Ill wait an hour or two, or the next day, and my favorites are BACK! And when Im having the "favorites" issue, when I try and manually go to a channel, it hangs and doesnt play at all. PLEASE HELP!! 4/15/15. The new app is not any better. In fact, as far as downloading and listening to shows, its the same if not worse. (However, I give you credit for updating the app and making an attempt at figuring it out...please dont give up!!). After this last update, now the app crashes after about 10 seconds. PLEASE HELP!!!! 1/21/15. Still STINKS!! Why, if I download a show, should there be ANY PROBLEMS when I pause and play the program? I only have the problem 30-40% of the time, BUT THATS A LOT when I have to put what ever Im doing on hold to try and figure out how to get the app to start playing again! (Which is not just as simple as restarting the app- I wish it were!) Please please PLEASE give us a new app that WORKS!! (Again, the content is good, the CONCEPT of the app is good, it just does not work consistently) 11/5/14. The review below was written well over a year ago, and I would say that ZERO of the problems have been fixed. And NOW, Im having to log in twice a day! Good grief!! The content is obviously pretty good, since I continue to use it, but I hope youre working on it. First review: I mostly use this ap for talk radio. Great concept that I would give TEN stars to, if it worked consistently :-( . To be able to start at the beginning of the show and pause and resume is AWESOME. To pause it, come back just minutes later and have it lose your place or jump to the live feed, makes me want to pull my hair out!! Please fix these features or take them away - to have them and not use them burns me up DAILY!! And to be able to download past shows...again, AWESOME in concept, but I keep having the same problems: start the broadcast, then, for no apparent reason, it will pause for a while, then come back on for a while, repeat. Im in a tough spot because I love the shows that Im using the ap for, and its the best means for me to listen to it, but Im pulling my hair out with its constant down time. PLEASE HELP!! Or at least explain the problem...that would help a lot.

Sirius XM App is great!

I use this app a lot & really love it.

App needs work

This app has gone down in dependability. I dont know if it is the new operating system with apple, the new iPhone or the app, but when I had my 5s it might crash right in the beginning of me using it, and in select areas, however now it is constantly crashing, or as it tells me losing its internet signal. At first I thought ok maybe its my phone or the service until I used tidal in the same area and had no issues. I switched back to Sirius and what do you know it wouldnt load up. Please fix the issues I want to be able to listen to Stern with no problems. I am listening while working and it gets to the point where I cant keep stopping to reload, or it doesnt load and I cant listen at all, and if I am on the bike stopping constantly just isnt an option. FIX THE APP!!!!

Dig this app

Being bi coastal, spirit and physi, I like to hear whats going on, new music, good talk shows, live stream festivals, etc., oh and cant forget the comedy shows, so good!

Pretty good

Great APP!!

I starting used Sirius radio in my car for years and loved it! But, I never got to use my radio outside of being in the car. When this app was created about 5 years back it was great for me to be able to listen anywhere I want! I used it at the gym almost every day! This app has made some very small, much needed improvements over the years but it has always been a "better" app. The additional amount of usage you get from Sirius radio with this app makes the actual value tremendous!

Love it.

Allows me to stream my favorite stations or songs through multiple applications, my truck Sat radio, my phone, I-Touch,portable speakers etc. Just amazing

Simply a Solid Radio App

I have always enjoyed this app. Nothing to do with the app but the one thing I would change is to have Howard Stern Radio in my car. Nice to have it on the iPhone app at least.

iPhone 6plus

The 6 plus has been out for two year. The 6s plus for a year and the 7 plus. The app is still not optimized for the screen. Do you think you could optimize the app already?

Perfect every time

Thumbs up


Having satellite radio with sirius is worth it and means everything to me to have the content I love always up to date with all new music and using the app I have it with me not only in both family cars but wherever I want from my phone!! Love it changed my life in south florida!!

Love it

My second favorite app. :)


Its great!

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